Hi. I’m a goal-oriented organiser and a project manager who stays with her client every step of the way to ensure that all the pieces fall into place. At the same time, I guide the team towards the best possible results with a gentle touch. I have developed my expertise by leading international software development teams, both in Finland and abroad. Working at Differo has offered me the opportunity to broaden my horizons as I transferred from software development to digital marketing. Modern marketing is a fascinating mixture of a deep business acumen and utilisation of technology – a combination that helps to put our clients’ marketing strategy into action in a productive manner. I’m excited about this opportunity to witness the benefits that digital marketing methods and tools bring to our clients.

At Differo, I appreciate the flexibility of the company’s working methods and the freedom to develop the processes further within an agreed framework, as this enables us to offer flexibility and high-quality customer service to our clients. My goal is always to be one step ahead of the client in order to keep the project on the right course and smooth the path towards the agreed goal. I enjoy changing situations and challenges, which our stellar expert team tackles with an open-minded and creative attitude. By complementing each other’s skills, we can offer our clients a wide range of expertise and spur each other on towards even better achievements.

During my time at Differo, I have led several website projects that have involved implementing the client’s strategy on the internet by transforming passive online platforms into goal-oriented sales channels. The high points of my work day are the successes experienced by my clients and the concrete results we achieve.

At the moment, I am taking some time off to carry out studies at the University of Tampere where I am broadening my knowledge of methods for designing digital services that offer even better customer experiences.