Our work is guided by tried and tested principles.

A team is built to meet your needs

For each client, we build a team that best meets its specific needs. Where one client’s main requirement is strategic thinking, another needs assistance in the handling of practical issues.

Many of us have experience of performing marketing work for large organisations. Our previous workplaces include Kemira, Fastems, Affecto, Alma Media, the Finnish Real Estate Management Federation and A-Insinöörit. And that’s why we are well aware of the challenges that you, the change agents of marketing within your organisations, tackle on a daily basis.

If it suits you best, you can work as part of our team to transform your organisation’s marketing – your place or ours, the choice is up to you. In connection with numerous projects, we have agreed days when we work in the same physical location to achieve shared targets and carry out other tasks. This guarantees a seamless flow of information

When necessary, we invite our talented partners to join the team – we can guarantee the quality of their work.

We are your partner in creating growth

We want to forge true partnerships with our clients. Our work always goes beyond the level of words; we participate in your company’s day-to-day life to put plans into action. In addition to your business, we increase your company’s human capital. After a content strategy project more than 80% of our clients continue the collaboration, as part of which we supply content marketing as a service.

Deliver or quit

We don’t want to tie our clients to us through contracts. Even though we prepare long-term marketing and sales plans to make our clients’ lives that little bit easier, our agreements always include a one-month notice period. If you are not happy with our performance, you are not stuck with us. Many of our happy clients have shared positive feedback on this.

Relaxed and experienced

We make a relaxed partner, never hiding behind stiff jargon or inflexible working methods. We make work fun. While our methods, which have been developed and polished to perfection on the basis of our long experience with numerous companies, guarantee results, we don’t believe that one size fits all either. We don’t think inbound marketing is the only right way of doing marketing. There is, however, one strict rule that we apply to everyone and everything: well-defined project management processes are a must

Katri is always happy to help if you would like to know more about our working methods: