Who am I?

Hi, I’m Iana Vesa, a content strategist. I transferred to Differo in September 2017 after forging a long-term career at the construction company SRV, where I performed tasks related to service development and the marketing of international and domestic property development projects. During my last four years at SRV, I focused on digital marketing and the development of service concepts using service design tools.

What am I like?

I’m an inventive and inquisitive professional with a knack for development activities – a unique mixture of goal-oriented thinking and disorganised creativity. I see change as a positive force that drives us forward. I question things and want to know why and what if. In the early stages of my working life, I worked as an interpreter and translator, jobs in which you don’t get far without a thorough understanding of the client and context. Service design and marketing are based on these same qualities – the customer’s needs and motives are at the heart of the operations.

How can I help you and your company?

Primarily, I can help you to understand your customers even better. That’s the starting point. As a service designer, I research, analyse, facilitate and spar. And as a content strategist, I work with you to build content paths for your buyer personas to guide them to the wonderful world of online buying, while in my role as a project manager, I manage a plan or event from start to finish to produce the ideal outcome.

The areas in which you can benefit the most from my expertise include:

  • Customer-oriented service development (including interviews, workshop facilitation and service concept creation)
  • Project management
  • Website user and usability surveys
  • Content-driven website projects
  • Marketing automation implementation and the creation of nurturing programmes
  • Strategic development of content marketing
  • Use of digital tools in marketing (including 3D modelling, VR, AR, videos and animations)

Why Differo?

Our team’s unique strengths lie in the way we combine strong digital marketing expertise with in-depth knowledge of other fields. Based on our own experiences, we know the challenges that our clients face and what everyday life is like for marketing professionals. Thanks to this, Differo has the ability to create a content strategy that is aligned with the client’s business strategies. In addition, Differo’s content marketing models, polished over several years, contribute to a smooth-running and swift service process. These are the qualities that make Differo stand out from the crowd.