Who am I?

I’m Jarno and I transferred to Differo from the export sector, where I worked in international sales and marketing. My work involved developing and realising all the tools, methods and procedures applied to the B2B business. My main working language is English but I’m also fluent in Finnish and more than happy to work in Swedish and German whenever necessary.

My ability to quickly internalise things makes it easy to familiarise myself with the secrets and rules of our clients’ business, products and services. I approach our clients’ strengths from the perspective of their customers and stakeholders, which is extremely useful when applying Differo’s work methods for example to strategic marketing or marketing automation.

During my career, I have designed and realised numerous B2B sales and marketing processes and solved a wide range of challenges related to the measurement of business performance.Thanks to my extensive experience of dozens of marketing and customer relationship management systems, I know the challenges they present and how these can be solved in practice. I have produced content in the form of videos, images, graphics and animations.The numerous events I have been involved in have provided me with invaluable experience of the smooth-running realisation of goals, lead capturing and sales measures.

What I can offer you

  • I place high value on collaboration. Through working together we can achieve results that would be impossible for even the most competent individuals to accomplish on their own. I carry out customer-oriented marketing projects in collaboration with Differo’s multidisciplinary teams and our clients’ teams.
  • I know how to simplify complicated matters.This I can achieve by gaining a thorough understanding of the client’s business and by applying common sense. Of course, my extensive experience of international B2B business and several marketing and CRM systems also help.
  • I have the ability to stop and take stock:What are the goals and targets we want to achieve? These basic factors can often get neglected under the pressures of day-to-day operations. This quality comes in handy, particularly in the measurement of business performance.
  • I help (our clients’) customers to buy! I enjoy Differo’s working methods, which help us to harness various marketing systems and messages from a number of channels to meet the target group’s information needs, capturing their attention and inspiring the desire to buy.
  • I also make a visionary sparring partner for developing sales and marketing processes and measuring the performance of business, sales and marketing.

Why Differo?

For me, Differo’s stand-out qualities include its unique working methods that are based on the customer’s information needs and purchasing motives and its versatile and highly qualified staff, who ensure that the client’s strategic business goals are realised in practice.


Interested? Get in touch!

Tel. +358 45 123 9800, jarno.ahokas@differo.fi