It’s my job to offer management and marketing teams a clear overview of their customers’ journey and the alignment of their business and marketing. In my work, I encourage companies to engage with their customers through digital channels and to define the measures that contribute to growth as a road map. I’m in my element when discussing and working with my clients to create a uniform vision of their customers’ buying processes for them.

My areas of competence include: Arranging workshops for management teams to assist them in envisaging new directions for marketing, managing content strategy work, and developing tools for follow-up stages, and introducing a more customer-focused approach to digital marketing.


  • Istekki Oy: Increasing personnel commitment and turning marketing into a shared endeavour
  • Vexve Oy: Enhancing customer understanding within the organisation by means of a content strategy
  • Managing content strategy work for a forestry service operator – enhancing commitment to the company’s content among staff and increasing the volume of traffic (among own staff) on the online service by 247% in a year
  • Designing the outsourcing of AINS Group’s marketing operations
  • Identifying Honkajoki Oy’s international target group with the assistance of online service content, thereby facilitating international business

Companies must focus their thoughts and actions on their customers, who should be at the heart of marketing – when the customer feels understood and is offered digital assistance, this approach produces results and will continue to do so in the future!