I’m Mira Oiva, Differo’s creative content strategist. I’m an innovative and bubbly marketing facilitator who loves story-telling, modern, strategic marketing, and travel – in the real world and online. That’s why I enjoy helping my clients to explore their customers’ worlds by modelling the various stages of the customer journey – producing a content flow that influences its target group at each step and offers a concrete tool for designing customer-oriented marketing and contents.

With my extensive experience in B2B and customer marketing, I’m well aware of the hectic daily schedules that marketing teams are faced with: the hands-on work leaves no time for developing new ideas, and when days are spent putting out fires there is no room for breathing life into new innovations, channels and tools. This may lead to content and marketing measures remaining disconnected and unsynchronised, or alternatively huge amounts of content are produced during bursts of inspiration in a process that could perhaps be improved by a more controlled approach!

I know the secrets of digital marketing and the rules that govern print advertising. I have designed media strategies for major organisations, guided sales processes in consumer sales, transformed marketing processes within organisations, and handled huge data masses to improve client profitability.Throughout this, one thing has remained unchanged: my desire to understand the client’s needs and operations and to create marketing practices that enhance the experience for all parties involved – and as a content strategist, this is what I get to do!

What does my work as a content strategist actually involve? My daily work involves determining the organisation’s target groups and utilising the organisation’s information resources to create buyer personas that enable the production of effective and targeted marketing content to replace untargeted content streams. Using a content strategy as my tool, I can help my clients create easy practices that support the marketing teams in their daily work and contribute to launching the company’s strategy online (or in any channel).

Examples of recent successes with my clients

  • Successful realisation of a website project & launch of a content strategy: a 20% increase in website downloads
  • Inspiring an expert organisation to engage in blog writing to help them to showcase their expertise on their website
  • An organisation’s top management appreciated the integration of the company’s strategy into its digital channels: organised content marketing is the first step towards a more customer-centred online presence and it offers an opportunity to stand out
  • Creating buyer personas helped an organisation to understand its customers’ information needs and opened up new avenues for producing marketing that resonates with the customers (contributing to increased visibility and profits)

In practice, my work involves offering coaching and encouragement to marketing teams that want to deepen their knowledge of the wonderful world of effective content, including blogs. I can also determine the kind of content your customers require and help you to create it.(or alternatively we can take care of the content production for you!)

The focus areas of my content strategy expertise

  • Design of website content concepts, including the definition of content types
  • Definition of target groups’ and buyer personas’ information needs
  • Customer-centred modelling of content paths: identification of customers’ buying processes and preparation of an appropriate content plan
  • Realisation of a customer-oriented annual marketing plan
  • Design & realisation of marketing, a brand’s key messages, content marketing design for social media
  • Content training & coaching

I can offer you:

  • Guaranteed inspiration and enthusiasm, wild, yet controlled, brainstorming
  • Concrete examples and impressive PowerPoint presentations
  • Extensive understanding of the marketing genre
  • Customer-centred thinking
  • Business nous and strategic thinking
  • Lame jokes and clichéd figures of speech????
  • Cheerful encounters and high spirits

I’m glad to have such great clients, and if you are not one them yet why not join us, as at Differo, we transform marketing!

Climb on board!