I’m Paula Savonen, Differo’s content strategist. My strengths include my ability to learn new things quickly, my thorough understanding of business logic, creativity, and an active approach to project realisation. I design customer-oriented marketing processes, which support the achievement of the company’s business goals.

I have extensive experience in the design and production of digital content for various channels.I transferred to Differo from an international listed company, UPM, where I worked in communications and marketing for more than a decade. I understand the world in which sales and marketing professionals operate in the export industry.

What I can offer to the client

  • I obtain an overall picture of your situation. I summarise, analyse and propose solutions.
  • I have the ability to step into the clients’ and their customers’ shoes: I can view the situation from new perspectives.
  • I always have my sights on the future. I have oodles of positive energy and creativity, which give a boost to brainstorming and help your team to create new ideas and projects.
  • I produce results quickly: once we’ve agreed on a course of action, I roll up my sleeves and stick to the schedule.
  • I’m in my element in agile operations but I also thrive on analytical work.
  • I present matters clearly and have the ability to inspire people.
  • My skills and experience give me the qualities required in content strategy design. Making the transition from strategy planning to practical realisation and back is easy for me.


Why Differo?

With our help, you can make your marketing more customer-oriented and produce results via online content that offers added value. Collaboration with Differo is also an investment in the competence levels within your organisation: we are happy to share our expertise and develop our operational models with our clients. We boast Finland’s most talented content strategy team, members of which are continuously gaining new skills and knowledge in collaboration with their partners, who operate in the field of international business.