As a customer journey architect and marketing transformation facilitator, I’m inspired by people. I act as Differo’s content strategy lead, directing our clients towards a customer-oriented philosophy.

My background is in international business, and I worked as a producer at Trainers’ House Oy where I was engaged in the development of digital production and services.
I have extensive experience in the creation of strategic marketing and customer-oriented business concepts, and my strengths lie in my ability to listen to customers, my customer-centred mindset and my thorough understanding of the role of marketing operations in productivity.

I act as a sparring partner, coach and facilitator, and I can help you to recognise productive expertise and showcase the benefits you offer to your customers in digital and physical environments. I am passionate about helping our clients build business-oriented marketing strategies that have the customer at their heart. In practice, this means translating business strategies into marketing goals, designing and realising content strategy operations, facilitating workshops on customer-oriented philosophies, clarifying target group and value creation approaches and creating customer journey concepts.