The path to my current position was signposted by my love for stories and the power they carry. It might seem like story-telling is the word on everybody’s lips at the moment – and for good reason. I believe that regardless of their background and culture, people have an innate need to tell, hear, see and share stories. At their best, stories offer information and arouse emotions, properties which play an important role in purchase decisions. And that’s why stories work so well in marketing.

I started out as a translator and an entrepreneur – a dynamite combination in the world of content marketing. As an entrepreneur, I gained broad customer understanding and solid project management skills, while my translation studies and experience have provided me with the ability to focus on the target group – a quality that comes into its own in content production. In my roles as a translator, language checker and content producer, I have created a myriad of texts and articles, each of which has contributed to my understanding of the language and narratives that produce the best results in relation to the goals. And of course, I can also boost your online presence in English.

My task at Differo is to use effective content to ensure that your marketing investment pays off. A content strategy can only start to produce results once it has been put into action and launched in the form of targeted stories that resonate with customers. And how is this achieved in practice?

  • I put a content strategy into action by addressing the customer personas defined in it.
  • I transform your company’s values and vision into stories that support your brand.
  • I focus on what really matters – things that create value for your customers.
  • I create a recognisable and systematic story for all marketing channels.
  • I dive into any topic and area with great energy and curiosity and I always keep my ear to the ground – this is the only way to unlock the secrets of the business sector and step into your customers’ shoes.