Who am I?

I’m Sanna Jokiniitty, a content strategist and customer manager with an avid interest in development and an analytical approach to marketing and the world in general.

How can I help you?

I have a knack for learning about our clients’ business sectors quickly, and recognising their strengths and the challenges faced by them. We can then get together to design and realise productive marketing on the basis of these things. Because each campaign and marketing investment should serve a purpose and speak to the right people, the focus must be on goals and the target audience. That’s where I come in. I can help you to identify your company’s strengths that benefit your customers most and generate added value for them. When we bear these in mind, we can put our heads together and plan and realise productive, content-driven marketing.

I’m a sparring and collaboration partner who makes things happen. I can help you to keep your marketing focus on your strategic goals and, when necessary, I question and challenge to ensure optimal results. Let’s create stellar day-to-day marketing operations together!

Why Differo?

With our help, you can make your marketing more customer-oriented and produce results via online content that offers added value. Collaboration with Differo is also an investment in the competence levels within your organisation: we are happy to share our expertise and develop our operational models with our clients. We boast Finland’s most talented content strategy team, members of which are continuously gaining new skills and knowledge in collaboration with their partners, who operate in the field of international business.