Throughout my working career – whether I’ve been working in retail, consultancy or the military sector – I have disliked the use of jargon, the habit of speaking to laypeople in a language intended for use within a certain profession or community, expecting them to understand or at least be impressed by the long words. Finally, I have found a like-minded work community where people are encouraged to use language and terminology that is understandable to everyone.

This is what Differo is all about. Offering you guidance, assistance, support and encouragement so that you can realise better marketing, sales and communications operations. And we do all this in a manner that enables you to understand everything that is being said.

Because I want to do this work in a way that everyone can understand, I won’t be talking to you about ROI without explaining what it means, or about drip automation without outlining how content is used to support the customer journey, or about content strategy without explaining customer understanding or targeted messages.

I want our work to bring you results. That’s why we work with you to set goals that we want to reach and criteria for assessing how well we are succeeding. The goals are always designed in line with your business operations, the municipal strategy or similar objectives.Our aim is to help you to succeed.

What I can offer you (and what I have done recently):

  • Effective marketing automation design and implementation
  • Preparation of content strategies, from customer understanding and key messages to practical realisation
  • Design, development and launch of a website that meets your customers’ needs
  • Design and production of content that brings results
  • I can deepen your knowledge of content strategies, marketing transformation and measurement of the performance of marketing communications, along with offering information on engagement with people and identification of information that is required as the basis for your content
  • I can also bring stability and certainty to your marketing through systematic planning and realisation.

The effect of marketing, sales and communications can be measured once the goals have been determined. Let’s do this together.