I’m Suvi-Maaria, Differo’s account manager and content strategist. I believe that the Finnish marketing world harbours hidden superpowers that are calling out to be unleashed. These secret weapons may include blog articles by that quiet expert that can propel your company into a position of thought leadership in your field, or letter templates buried in your sales assistant’s email, which could make an excellent tool for the entire sales team. Or they could include a stellar idea by a customer service professional about preparing a series of video clips to offer responses to the questions most often received by the company’s customer service team.

It’s my task to help you to identify your company’s hidden superpowers and work with you and your colleagues to harness them to benefit you and your customers in your daily work.

As my client, you gain a partner with extensive experience in and a thorough understanding of B2B companies’ content-driven marketing and sales. I am an analytical partner who has the courage to challenge and ask why, along with project management skills that guarantee that you’ll never haver to wonder what is going on with your project.

We have achieved great things with our clients: a well-known Finnish operator used marketing automation with our content to determine the main target group for its new digitalisation solution segment, and an ICT professional inspired the rest of their organisation to take an interest in marketing by implementing marketing automation, a feat that led to a seat on the management team. In addition, a famous Finnish consumer brand defined buyer personas through its content strategy efforts and the company no longer has to market ‘everything to everyone’.

Best regards,