Ville worked as a Content Marketing Intern from February 4th, 2019 until 30th of June, 2019. Afterwards he has worked as a Content Producer at Differo from July 1st, 2019 until July 31st, 2019.


In a professional context, I would describe myself as a content marketing hybrid – I am a copywriter who’s built his career in Finland from the ground up in an entrepreneurial way, and a (future) communications professional who’s been tested in international waters.

I am a Content Marketing Intern at Differo Oy to complete a part of my Communication Studies program at Arnhem Business School in the Netherlands.

As a hybrid, I have proactive experience from copywriting projects as well as creating and implementing (integrated) communications plans for Finnish companies and others around the world. That’s why I believe that I will bring a lot of potential and added value to your (content) marketing now and in the future.

But how, you ask? First by planning content that your target group is interested in and helps you achieve your communication goals. With a content strategy, based on this planning process, we can create just that, and that’s what I’m really good at.

When it come to communication, I am very clear, transparent and honest, and that shows in my work and its quality.