Strategic recruitment marketing

Do you want to ensure the growth of your company through appropriate recruitment?

Successful recruitment is one of the cornerstones of your company’s growth.

To attract the right candidates, you must catch their attention with your description of the opportunities you offer. The company culture, tasks involved and opportunities for development should be packaged in way that meets the applicant’s motives and need for information. This makes your job advert stand out and spurs the applicant to change jobs.

Collaboration with us helps you to develop recruitment marketing that attracts applicants. We can help you to prepare a recruitment marketing strategy and campaign. Soon you will have more high-quality applicants knocking on your door than you can hire.

Examples of our collaboration with our clients in this area:

• Defining and documenting recruitment goals, as guided by business targets

• Utilising the company’s strengths and stand-out qualities in recruitment marketing

• Defining and documenting candidate personas on the basis of their motives to determine the candidates’ information needs and motives to transfer to a new job — this enables you to reach your target talent audience

• Designing and realising content-driven recruitment marketing, including content for recruitment pages, job adverts and recruitment marketing campaigns

• Utilising a marketing automation system in recruitment marketing and applicant nurturing

• Creating and monitoring recruitment indicators

• Utilising existing HR information in future recruitments

Changes that are enabled by the collaboration:

• Modern marketing tools are utilised in recruitment marketing

• The quality of applications improves (the right candidates with the right expertise)

• The company’s image as a desirable workplace is strengthened

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