The pioneering circular economy expert Honkajoki Oy has collaborated with us since 2013. Currently we are engaged in spurring the company’s expansion into the international pet food market.

The starting point for our collaboration

In spring 2013, we created a content strategy for Honkajoki, aligning the company’s communications focus and presentation of its customer benefits with its unique service concept and expertise. Before, the company talked about the transport of animal-derived material. After the transformation, the focus of its customer-oriented communications is on its innovative, agroecological operation model: the recycling plant situated in Northern Satakunta reuses animal-derived material in the production of animal feed, fertilisers and raw material for biodiesel. It recycles this material via a totally energy self-sufficient process.

New impetus for international expansion

‘We didn’t have a very clear idea of our own core expertise. When we found a clear focus for our online content as a result of our collaboration with Differo, we started gaining a foothold in the international market. The queries we received were requests for more information on our operations and we also introduced our work to the Finnish parliament. Although we have not engaged in aggressive communications, the information is now presented clearly and interestingly on our website and we are more aware of the key message ourselves,’ Honkajoki Oy’s Managing Director Kari Valkosalo explains.

Going from strength to strength internationally

‘In Honkajoki’s case, there was a clear opportunity for raising the profile and visibility of the company. Rather than being your run-of-the-mill industrial plant, it represents a brilliant vision of the way recycled materials can be transformed into new raw material via a closely controlled and monitored process. This has offered the company access to new, international markets,’ explains Katri Tanni from Differo.

Currently, Honkajoki’s pure, organic raw materials used in the production of animal feed enjoy strong demand in the European pet food market.