Content marketing for events

Make the most of your customer event by means of content marketing.

Content marketing improves the visibility, customer experience and results of your event.

Are you planning a customer event? Are you collaborating on an industry event? Have your experts been booked as speakers for a seminar?

Arranging an event or contributing to one always entails a major investment on the part of the company. The actual event is just a tip of the iceberg – you can harness the potential offered by the event via content marketing. The event should be linked to your company’s marketing operations and your customers’ information search and purchase path. You should also set clear business targets for the event. Once these factors have been taken into account, it is easy to monitor the returns on your investment and the impact on customers.

An event that makes the most of content marketing techniques offers new ideas, invites commitment, and interacts with the customers via social media channels before and after the event as well as during it. Content marketing helps you garner new information on your customers and boosts the quality of your participant list. Content prepared for the event – talks, presentations, demos – extends their life cycle and increases their visibility when shared via digital channels. Content marketing also enables those who can’t be physically present on the day to participate in the event. The event’s impact can be prolonged by providing high-quality content online.

We can help you and your company define the goals and core message of the event, create a concept for the event, and produce content marketing related to it. When needed, we can carry out the hands-on realisation, from invitations to post-marketing and lead gathering.

We are happy to jump on board at short notice to ensure that the time and money you invest in the event translates into benefits – online too. Appropriate, well-executed event content also reaches those you who couldn’t make it this time – and many others.

This is how we can help you with content marketing for your event:

  • Setting business goals for the event
  • Defining the event’s core message
  • Creating a concept for the event
  • Carrying out the invitation process (using marketing automation when necessary)
  • Advance marketing, including newsletters, invitations, social media updates and blog posts, plus related automation drips
  • Brainstorming, advising and writing presentations
  • Marketing during the event: social media, live streaming
  • Lead gathering before and after the event as well as during it
  • Post-marketing and lead gathering and nurturing after the event (e.g. blogs and online guides)

Changes enabled by content marketing for an event:

  • The event is integrated into your overall marketing
  • The event has clear business goals
  • The event is seen and heard and generates customer value via digital channels
  • The event generates leads
  • The event reaches the target audience
  • You can inspire your team and customers to share your content online, increase brand recognition and enhance your brand image
  • The time invested in the event is effective, not just during the event but also online before and after

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