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Mediocre blends to the background – give your content marketing that extra oomph!

Effective online content marketing thrives on content that offers assistance to its target audience.

The golden era of content marketing has resulted in an avalanche of content. However, being a means to an end rather than an end in itself, content alone does not guarantee successful marketing. The old saying about it being quality rather than quantity that matters holds true here too, and content should never be produced purely as filler for a website or social media channel.

All your content must serve your company’s strategic targets. Often less is more! When every published text is thought through well and is designed to serve your customers as well as your company, you can prolong the life cycle of your content. You can use existing content time and again. For example, for our client Tana Oy, the blog posts that attract most visitors to its website are several years old but they still bring a large volume of traffic to its pages via organic searches!

Our ‘Promise, Fulfilment, Evidence, Activation’ content-production model, which has produced excellent results for dozens of our customers, ensures that the blogs, articles, extensive online guides or e-books, infographics and videos we create for you are of top-notch quality.

Up to 95% of the content produced by Differo is approved by our clients without any changes.

We can help you to create content that guides your customers and serves their and your interests alike.

Basware, Puustelli, AINS Group, HappyOrNot, Tana and Honkajoki number among our content production clients. For several of our clients, we generate content regularly as a monthly service.

We work together with several content producers who are native speakers of other languages, such as English.

Examples of our collaboration with our clients:

• Concept creation and content production for blogs

• Transformation of sales material into customer-oriented content

• Creation, production and marketing of effective customer stories

• Scripting and production of infographics

• Production of guides that generate leads

• Concept creation for and design, writing and production of videos

• Creation of content plans and customers’ annual schedules to enable customer-oriented and systematic management of content marketing

Changes that are enabled by the collaboration:

• The content has a clear purpose, target audience and objective

• Quality rather than quantity in content production

• Sufficient quantity of high-quality content via a marketing automation system

• The content generates contact requests for a long time to come

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Tieto Oyj

The outsourcing of marketing contributes to the achievement
of growth targets

AINS Group outsourced its marketing to Differo in autumn 2016. Now, the company is in the process of designing and planning its new website.

Sisältöstrategian avulla syvempää asiakasymmärrystä

Tietoliikenteen ja turvatekniikan palveluja tarjoava BLC-konserni uusi strategiansa ja halusi syventää asiakasymmärrystä sisältöstrategian keinoin.

Julkisen sektorin IT-toimijan tunnettuus kasvuun

Asiakasarvo tuotiin keskiöön Istekki Oy:n uusille verkkosivuille sisältöstrategian avulla.

B2C-toimijan markkinointi ja myynti nousuun vaikeassa kilpailutilanteessa

Kerromme tästä referenssistä luottamuksellisesti vielä enemmän.

Markkinoinnin ulkoistus auttaa kasvu-
tavoitteiden saavuttamisessa

A-Insinöörit ulkoisti markkinointinsa Differolle syksyllä 2016. Nyt käynnissä on mittava verkkosivu-uudistus.

Kuluttajien huomio yritykseen verkko-
palvelun avulla

Autamme asiakastamme saamaan kuluttajien huomion tilanteessa, jossa yritys on tunnettu ennen kaikkea B2B-palveluistaan.

Opastuotanto siivittämässä uuden markkinan avaamista

Ladattavat oppaat toimivat uuden markkinan avaamisessa ja uusien asiakkaiden prospektoinnissa.

Sisällöt vahvistavat asemaa asiantuntijana

Sisältöjen avulla Enfo osoittaa olevansa ykkösasiantuntija toimialallaan.