Your customers surf the net every day, absorbing all the relevant information they can get their hands on.Ensure that they can also find your expertise and skills online. Create content that attracts visitors to your website. A content strategy is an excellent tool for this, guiding your marketing to focus on what is most important: your main target groups and core expertise, while taking your growth strategy into account. I have compiled three examples to highlight the benefits brought by a content strategy.

1. Content production becomes part of your company’s strategy

Even though many Finnish companies already produce online content, not many do so in a systematic or customer-oriented manner. Content is created and shared on social media but it’s often a hit-and-miss process. Produced purely from the company’s perspective, the content fails to answer the customers’ questions and doesn’t guide them forward or offer support for the purchase decision.

With a content strategy, you can tie everyday marketing and communications activities to the sales and business targets.

Content always has a purpose and a goal. The content should guide your customers’ journey, attract them to explore your services and products, and meet their need for information. A content strategy enables you to know how the content supports your strategic goals and your customers’ purchase processes at various stages.

2. You can measure the results produced by content

Often the results produced by online content are not evaluated in any way. And even they are evaluated, the company has not set targets tied to the strategy for the online content, which makes it extremely difficult to assess the performance of the marketing and communication measures.

The building of a content strategy starts from the company’s business strategy and its customers. On the basis of the strategy, we create motive-based buyer personas followed by content paths that best support sales. This design could be compared to a plan of a house where a buyer opens the front door and walks into the lounge via the hallway and hopefully stays to explore as long as possible! When the customer finally exits the online service, the purchase decision has hopefully been reached.

Content paths enable us to evaluate what attracted potential buyers to the house and how long they spent in the hallway. They tell us why they moved on to the lounge and not directly to the kitchen, and offer us information on when the purchase decision was made. Without a logical design, or house plan, the buyer feels lost and the marketing team doesn’t know which content was successful and which led the buyer to take a wrong turn.

3. You can create order to your day-to-day work

A content strategy provides a framework for yearly, monthly or even weekly work schedules. It helps you to create a balance in content production so that the tasks you perform always offer the best possible support to your business goals and target groups.

A content plan prepared on the basis of a content strategy increases the team’s commitment to the production of content agreed on together. To experts, it offers a framework for creating their own online content because the goals have been clearly defined.

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