AINS Group, a multi-sector construction company which is expanding both in Finland and internationally, outsourced its marketing to Differo in autumn 2016. The construction giant realised that to offer full-scale support to its growth, its marketing needed to adopt an increasingly multidisciplinary approach. With this goal in mind, AINS Group’s marketing team transferred to Differo and the company now has access to the expertise and ideas of the entire Differo team.

‘The idea stemmed from our marketing and communication team’s desire to develop our marketing and communication processes and their own work and expertise, and to gain new insights into the development of marketing by performing marketing for other organisations too. After mulling over the idea within the company, we realised it represented a win-win situation,’ explains the managing director of AINS Group Jyrki Keinänen.

According to Keinänen, one of the benefits of the close collaboration model is that resources can be allocated to projects as required. The model is based on a business-oriented plan, the realisation of which is monitored regularly to enable appropriate targeting of measures and resources. According to Differo Oy’s managing director Katri Tanni, demand for the company’s service model has increased steadily over the past year.

‘Companies still all too often post numerous adverts looking for multi-talented marketers. No one has enough hours in the working day to do everything and marketing never succeeds by chance. Our mission is to gather a team whose skills, in combination with our working methods, produce results in line with the business goals and with the resources that the company can allocate for marketing at any given time,’ explains Tanni.